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Everybody knows  that a growing business needs bookkeeping and tax filing.

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Think of bookkeeping and taxes holding hands, they're soulmates. They go together. Most people want to pay fewer taxes and bookkeeping is the key. Read more below...

Are you business owner that needs bookkeeping or tax help?

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Bookkeeping & Taxes

Bookkeeping and Taxes belong together.

Let's call them Booksie and Taxmon.

Booksie is anal but precise. She keeps track of all the money you spend (including any Vegas trips) and all the money coming into your business for one year.

If Booksie does her job right she can give you accurate reports to get loans to build up the business.

Or she can give you the numbers to let you know exactly what and where you are spending your money.

If she does her job all year then when it's time to get married to Taxmon she will be ready.

Bookkeeping and Taxes are Soulmates. 
They belong together!

1. Referrals - Ask other business owners if they can refer you to a good bookkeeper. Some bookkeepers are contractors and have multiple clients.

2. Make sure they are bonded if self employed. This simple process (although inexpensive to a bookkeeper) will weed out the flakes.

3. Advertise in your local newspaper. Yes the old school way of finding help.

4. Pay them what they are worth. Don't cut corners with a good bookkeeper.

5. Go directly to bookkeeping sources like and the

You can checkout CraiglistIndeedand 
Ziprecruiter but everybody knows the applicants and resumes on these websites are the same people!

No worries it will get worse sooner than later.

With so many people collecting unemployment in California, the state has no choice but to increase unemployment taxes for the employers.

CoVid was an opportunity for employers to get out of paying payroll taxes. 

I'm sure some of the businesses that closed down were happy to be relieved of payroll and the hellish taxes that come with it.

You see the taxman has the business owner collect the taxes for him. Sort of like the mob sending Guido to collect from mom and pop businesses.

So what can you do? 

Try to get a local bookkeeper or be stuck in fraud hell!

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Does the subscription include bookkeeping and tax services?

Yes! Includes Federal and State taxes for California residents only. 

What if this doesn't work for me is the subscription refundable? 

You can cancel anytime and if you prepaid your subscription annually you will get a prompt refund for all used months. 

You can also keep all your reports and get a back up copy of your accounting file. 

If your subscription is monthly and you cancel you can keep the subscription until your monthly term ends along with any generated reports!

Is your company licensed, insured and bonded!

Yes! For our protection and yours! When you subscribe you have access to our confidential documents.

Can I speak to a live bookkeeper or tax pro?

Absolutely! We help our clients with their bookkeeping and tax questions.

Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

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Make sure they take out the 10% Federal tax.

October 2020


The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program is still taking claims.

If you haven't applied for unemployment as a business owner, you still can. It's a 46 week program that started February 2, 2020 and was extended thru December 26, 2020.

You will get an extra $600 per week from March 15th thru July 15th. Yes you can get back pay!

So if you're a business owner that has no employees or didn't earn any money please don't let pride get in your way and get your unemployment.

Even if you did earn some money you can still qualify just do it!

You'll get a Bank of America debit card (they partnered with EDD years ago) so you won't get a check.

Nor do you need a bank account.

If you filed your 2019 taxes you will be in a better place to get approved. If you haven't filed your 2019 taxes hurry up so you can paid!


Did You Get A CoVid Loan For Your Company?

I hope you did, but I hope you read the fine print too!

If you used the loan for payroll it should be easy to give your bank what they need.

If you used it for rent, utilities, booze, drugs and other expenses you'll definitely need to submit a breakdown.

Most people that applied did so out of desperation and now that the dust has settled many business find that by taking the loan, may actually cause a couple of tax problems.

If you haven't, you should take the time to read over your loan docs to make sure you follow their rules and regulations...or cry later


Subscription PlansSubscription Plans

Bookkeeping in 3 minutes. I mean 2 Minutes!

Bookkeeping doesn't have to be complex!

All Taxmon wants from Booksie are the right numbers so he can do his part in the relationship.

Taxmon wants Booksie to be accurate as possible so you don't pay not a penny more in taxes and makes his job easier.

Taxmon loves Booksie because without her he could not do his share in the relationship.

The best way to keep Booksie and Taxmon happy and in love is to get a middleman.

The middleman in an accounting program like Mr. Quickbooks.

Mr. Quickbooks is neutral. He takes all Booksie's expenses and income and makes sure she's right. 

If all is good Mr. Quickbooks gives Booksie a blessing to marry Taxmon who then goes to the government to file your taxes.

Business owners lets keep these soulmates happy and in love! 

Stay on top of Booksie and if you need help start here.


Business Owners Can Still Receive Unemployment thru 12/26/20

Last month I mentioned Blockchain "BC" technology and how it would affect the finance world.

I mentioned how most people don't know what Blockchain technology is as it was when the internet first started. Google it!

I mentioned how the internet is moving towards more privacy, trust and less hack-ability and Blockchain will be the technology behind it.

The rise of Bitcoin is a good example how BC technology and crypto currency will be our future.

I'm not gonna try to explain the new tech on a finance website, but I do want you to be aware.

If you want to know the poorman's way to invest in Bitcoin or get some quick info download my ebook below to help you out a lil bit.

It's a 5 minute read so do it!


There's an old saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" but to spread them around!

With so many employees working from home, maybe some of them will qualify to be independent contractors thus relieving you of payroll taxes.

But then again you can count of the taxman being ahead of the game and making it tougher for you to do so.

As a business owner I'm sorry to say that I stay away from hiring employees. I'm so sorry but it's true. 

Because of American high standards (which has changed) businesses can't afford employees and that's why a lot of businesses in these difficult times will outsource their labor to another part of the world.


Payroll taxes eat up profits thus employers are looking for cheap non US labor.