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Bookkeeping is an important part of your business. You need to know what's going on. Like how much money did you earn and how much did you spend?

We Offer Affordable, Professional, Reliable, and Fast Service!

Flat Rate Bookkeeping and Taxes, Inc.

  • We can set up a bookkeeping plan that brings one or a combination of your businesses together.
  • We can process your business taxes after we complete your bookkeeping.
  • We can help you with your 1099's.
  • We can set you up remotely with Quickbooks Online, Desktop, or provide mobile service.
  • We can help you change from a sole proprietor to a corporation.
  • We can clean up your old bookkeeper's mess!
  • We can also provide customized services for special projects to get your bookkeeping caught up.


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Steph is not offering financial or tax advice. It's up to you to verify the information listed. Nor can she answer all the questions because you need answers now! But your question will help the next person to come along so please ask!  8/9/21

Entrepreneurs like

you are changing 

the world... 

and you wear 
many hats...

You deal with





Tax Laws  

but bookkeeping gives you the most headaches... 

Some entrepreneurs do their bookkeeping in their heads, on pieces of paper, a cell phone app, or even try a hand at Quickbooks...

and all you get is buried with the financial side of your company... 

Entrepreneurs don't have time to worry about bookkeeping.

You got things to do.

People depend on you. 

You have to produce or don't get paid.

You got too much going on.

It's ok to let go and delegate!

Take the vacation you know you need!

Life is good when your bookkeeping is right!

Spend time doing what you like to do.

Entrepreneurs do what 
you do best. Create.

Call us when you are ready 
to get your books right 

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Spend time doing what you like to do.

When you need it done yesterday.

Flat Rate Bookkeeping and Taxes, Inc.

and you wear 
many hats...