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Bookkeepers Matter!

Even the Shady Ones

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Don't Think So? 
Ask the IRS! 

Uncle Sam Wants A Piece Of Your Action 
No Matter What It Is!

Bookkeeping & Taxes

Uncle Sam doesn't care what you do. If you making money he wants a piece of the action.

Spectacular Bookkeepers are the one's who bring it all together so the business owner can files his taxes and get the nod from Uncle Sam.

Some business owners think they can avoid paying for a Bookkeeper. They do it themselves and then wonder why they get a letter from Uncle Sam asking them what's up?

I get it.

But don't take bookkeepers for granted.

Sometimes you need a shady bookkeeper to keep up with all your drama Mr. and Mrs. Business Owner.

You got a zillion bank accounts and credit cards. You paying for personal stuff with the business cards.

You gamble on your cell phone and have high monthly app costs.

You want us to write off your liquor, sports event tickets, cloths from Ross, Nike, Victoria Secrets and baby stuff. 

You use your debit and credit card which is good because at least we know what store you bought the stuff from.

It's when you pay in cash that we need your receipts but you don't know any better.

I get it. 

But the whole point is a Bookkeeper brings it all together and prepares the reports for the accountant who prepares the taxes. 

Tada! Uncle Sam leaves you alone. Next year you start the process all over!

Yep Bookkeepers Matter if you have a business. Even the shady ones.

If you're a bookkeeper check out the Bookkeeper Directory it's just for you and if you're an employer please post a job!


Ok, I talked about this last month, let me make it plain.

For Employers - The IRS forms, laws and staff keep changing, but in the end Uncle Sam wants to know who's working for you.

Sam wants you to be the middle man. To be blunt he wants you to spy on your employees and contractors.

Sam wants to make sure if you paid anybody over $600 or more in 2020 he wants you to tell him who it is by e-filing the 1099-NEC form which sort of took the place of the 1099-Misc. which is still being used.

Mr. Employer don't make it complicated. You've already been working for Uncle Sam with your employees. 

It's those sneaky contractors Uncle Sam is concerned with.

Drivers and delivery people, repair and maintenance people, social media people, creative types, entertainers, and those contractors getting paid by 3rd parties like Venmo, Zelle, Pay Pal, Square, Stripe etc. 

Uncle Sam wants those wishy-washy types to pay taxes! Including tax on your tips!

Don't forget about your 1099-K  Contractors.

 Per the IRS, if you got paid via Paypal, Venmo,  ZelleSquareeBay, or any other 3rd party processor you might get a 1099-K if :

  • Your gross payments that exceed $20,000, AND more than 200 such transactions.

So don't forget to check your account after February 15, 2021to be sure.


Shady Bookkeepers can be an asset to your company if they're on your side!

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Does the subscription include bookkeeping and tax services?

Yes! Includes Federal and State taxes for California residents only. 

What if this doesn't work for me is the subscription refundable? 

You can cancel anytime and if you prepaid your subscription annually you will get a prompt refund for all used months. 

You can also keep all your reports and get a back up copy of your accounting file. 

If your subscription is monthly and you cancel you can keep the subscription until your monthly term ends along with any generated reports!

Is your company licensed, insured and bonded!

Yes! For our protection and yours! When you subscribe you have access to our confidential documents.

Can I speak to a live bookkeeper or tax pro?

Absolutely! We help our clients with their bookkeeping and tax questions.

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Bookkeepers Matter! Even The Shady OnesThe 1099 Thing

February 2021

Flat Rate Bookkeeping and Taxes, LLC

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Bookkeeping in 3 minutes. I mean 2 Minutes!

Bookkeeping doesn't have to be complex!

bitcoin is the biggest opportunity right now! Get a piece of it!!

If you need help just ask for it! 
A closed mouth don't get fed. 

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The reason you call yourself a bookkeeper is because you don't have a four-year college degree because if you did you would gladly take the title of an Accountant.

No worries I understand! I don't have a 4-year degree either. I took the route of actual work experience.

Some people think why should some bookkeepers get paid as much as an accountant?  

There are awesome bookkeepers that are just as well-rounded if not better than some accountants.

Most bookkeepers are the bookkeeper, office manager, and the right-hand man or woman to the business owners!

Bookkeepers Matter!

Bookkeepers are the ones that bring all the madness together! We are the ones making sure everything is accounted for and balanced so the owner can sleep at night! 

While we lay in bed thinking about his business numbers and making sure everything keeps rollin'.

I created The Bookkeeper Directory a couple of years ago, but couldn't really spend time on it. 

I recently joined forces with two other bookkeepers and we brought the Bookkeeper Directory back!

It's free for a limited time and no credit card is needed. Join because you never know who's looking for a bookkeeper and they just might find you!

If you're an employer you can post an ad for free and find that diamond bookkeeper in the rough.

Go for it!


For Bookkeepers Only

Hey indy contractors and business owners that do business on-line with a 3rd party processor.

If you sell a lot of products and services on-line that total more that $22,000 or 200 transactions, then you will probably have a 1099-K sitting in a file from Paypal, VenmoZelleSquareeBay or any other 3rd party processor.

So don't forget to check after January 31, 2021. 

Because if you forget to check and the processor sends the 1099-K to the IRS and you don't know about it and did not add the income to your taxes, that's a red flag and you will get a letter from the IRS.


For Bookkeepers Only

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"The Treasury Department and the IRS are issuing millions of second Economic Impact Payments by prepaid debit card to speed delivery of the payments to as many people as possible." -IRS

I'm not sure where the government is getting the cash to pay everybody. Especially when this country is trillions in debt.

The IRS says "we" are giving out the economic impact payments "not stimulus" checks. The IRS does nothing for free. 

It's almost like get the money now and ask questions later.

Who's picking up the tab for all this? Taxpayers? They don't have jobs thus no taxable income.

I guess we have to believe in digital money. 

Anyway if Uncle Sam is giving the people and companies money I guess they might as well get it get it!

What about the SBA and them shaking hands with the banks for the second round Payroll Protection Program? Banks do nothing for free so what's the catch?

I do know that with PPP2 you have to be exact with the paperwork and if you have a good relationship with the banking rep even better.

Even if the government isn't getting paid back for some of the loans, what is it that they want? To make sure they have a paper trail on everybody?

There are some people that don't file tax returns and are not in the system. Will the stimulus checks put them in the IRS database?

Will there be more audits and more tax-payer chaos?

I just don't believe that Uncle Sam is that generous without a catch and will eventually want something in return. Oh yeah, your tax money!

Oh well...Get that cash!


Sometimes you just need help. Give us a call at 747 444-4072

Every month since September 2020 I've been talking about bitcoin. Now its up from 10k to over 40k in February!

Where it stops nobody knows. Point is to get you a piece. Don't even bother with a real coin because you will never see it. Sort of like how the government is giving away free money!

It nuts! Buy here for $100 bucks and get $10 extra of bitcoin!


Our Services

  • On-Site, Mobile and Remote Bookkeeping Service
  • Quickbooks Desktop and On-line
  • Payroll Tax Filing
  • Quickbooks Setup and Training
  • Business Tax Preparation and E-File